Who can participate in CALGARY SPANISH CLUB events?

Both members and non-members may participate in CALGARY SPANISH CULTURAL Club events (unless otherwise posted). A current member, however, receives discounts on events as compared to non-members.


How do I become a CALGARY SPANISH CLUB member?

CALGARY SPANISH CLUB membership is available to anyone who is interested in the Spanish culture! Click here to complete the membership form.


How do I find out about CALGARY SPANISH CLUB events?

CALGARY SPANISH CLUB events are advertised on the web at, and via email distribution to all persons who have provided their email address.


How can I subscribe to receive automatic emails when CALGARY SPANISH CLUB events are posted?

All teh events will be posted in our Website and in our Facebook site.


How much are the CALGARY SPANISH CLUB Executive Members paid to organize events?

The CALGARY SPANISH CLUB Executive Members are a group of people who volunteer their time. The CALGARY SPANISH CLUB Executive is not a paid position.


How do I become a CALGARY SPANISH  CLUB Executive Member?

The CALGARY SPANISH CLUB holds Annual General Meetings. At this meeting there shall be elections for the Board of Directors. The election results are decided by popular vote, and positions are held for a two year term.


How many people are currently on CALGARY SPANISH CLUB Executive?

There are currently Nine positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Chair, Events, Cultural, Social Media & IT. Click here for a current bio of Executive Members of CALGARY SPANISH  CLUB.


How do I get a CALGARY SPANISH CLUB membership?

CALGARY SPANISH CLUB membership can be obtained through the Website, in the next link, and will be valid for one full year since the date of the purchase.


How much does it cost to join CALGARY SPANISH CULTURAL CLUB?

CALGARY SPANISH CULTURAL CLUB membership dues are as follows:

  • Seniors (aged 65 and over) – $20
  • Adults (aged 64 and under) – $30
  • Students (post-secondary) – $20


How is my membership fee used?

All CALGARY SPANISH CLUB membership fees are used to help subsidize the cost of events, discounts and offers to CALGARY SPANISH CLUB members. Funds are stewarded and financial audits are performed on a yearly basis.


How can I submit an idea for an event?

The CALGARY SPANISH CLUB Executive are always open to suggestions for CALGARY SPANISH CLUB events. You can contact any of the Executive Members (contactr us) of CALGARY SPANISH CLUB via email.

How can I become a volunteer for the CALGARY SPANISH CULTURAL CLUB?

To in quire about volunteer opportunities, please send an email to events@calgaryspanishclub or through our website using our contact form.


Where can I read CALGARY SPANISH CLUB’s Bylaws?

CALGARY SPANISH CULTURAL CLUB’s Bylaws can be found Website, here is the link.


How do I stop being a CALGARY SPANISH CLUB member?

To cancel your membership in CALGARY SPANISH CULTURAL CLUB, send an email to